Monday, February 06, 2017

Super Bowl LI: Post-Mortem

As Tom Brady led the New England Patriots on a historic comeback in Sunday's Super Bowl, one must not forget the overtly aggressive play  calling on behalf of Atlanta Falcons' offensive coordinator (and incoming San Francisco 49ers head coach) Kyle Shanahan.

Two plays in the Falcons' next-to-last offensive possession of the game stand out here:  two plays after Julio Jones' incredible catch, which should have been the biggest plays in Atlanta's 51-year history, quarterback Matt Ryan, from the Patriots' 22 yard line, attempted a pass, only to get hammered by Trey Flowers for a 12-yard loss.

Then, Matty Ice threw a pass for a nine-yard completion to Mohamed Sanu, only to have it wiped out by Jake Matthews' holding penalty.

Then, Mr. Ryan threw an incomplete pass on 3rd down and 33 yards to go.  Then, the Falcons punted.

On the ensuing offensive possession, which including one of the sickest, illest, catches ever, that unbelievable grab by Julian Edelman, the Patriots scored a touchdown, then made the two-point conversion to tie the game.

The Pats won the toss leading into the first-ever Super Bowl overtime period, marched down the field while mowing down the Falcons' tired defense, and saw James White score the touchdown from two-yards out.  Ball game. 

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