Thursday, May 11, 2006

Changes At Fox News, Washington

With Tony Snow's departure for the Bush Administration, Brian Wilson, who has been the Sunday anchorman for Weekend Live, will become the Saturday show's anchorman as well. Major Garrett will become the new congressional correspondent. Mike Emanuel becomes the new Pentagon correspondent, replacing Bret Baier, who becomes the new chief White House correspondent, in turn replacing "Campaign" Carl Cameron, who becomes chief political correspondent, coverting the mid-term elections.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Here's Carol Iovanna, as seen closing out a Fox News update heading into a rebroadcast of The Beltway Boys on January 28, 2006. Posted by Picasa

Carol's SNC Days

Here is Carol Iovanna, as seen on the old ABC-Westinghouse co-owned Satellite News Channel, on its final day of operation, October 27, 1983. SNC had recently been sold to Turner Broadcasting (which owned its rival, Cable News Network), for expressed purpose of closing it down. Posted by Picasa


This one's for all those Uma Pemmaraju fans and followers out there. She was wrapping up a Fox News update on March 1 of this year. Uma's had a few opportunities to host this year, a number that may be declining this year(one factor could well be the elimination of Fox News Live time on weekends, as mentioned in an earlier post). Uma's a talented professional who should be hosting on a regular basis. Posted by Picasa


I know that Donna Fiducia has a lot of fans and followers out there. Here
s a shot of Donna, finishing a Fox News update that aired during a rebroadcast of the March 1, 2006 edition of The O'Reilly Factor. Donna should be given a chance to host on a regular basis.
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Shep and Jane

This is from March 1 of this year, while the Studio B set (which also houses Fox & Friends) was under renovation. Studio B with Shepard Smith originated that day from the Fox News Channel newsroom. Here's Shep, with Jane Skinner. Posted by Picasa

Less Time For "Fox News Live" on Weekends

There seems to be less time for Fox News Live on weekends. On Saturdays, it's only on from 11AM-12 Noon. The period from 1-3PM has been replaced with the prerecorded Wall Street Journal Report with Paul Gigot for a half-hour, followed by The Big Story Weekend with Julie Bandaras. On Sundays, FNL airs from 7-9AM, then after Weekend Live with Brian Wilson, resumes from 11AM-12 Noon, then resurfaces from 1-2PM. On both days, you have the weekend version of Studio B with Trace Gallagher from 12Noon to 1PM. The elimination of three hours of FNL time on weekends means less opportunity for not only a regular anchorman like Gregg Jarrett, it also closes a little more opportunity for hosting time for the Patti Ann Brownes and Uma Pemmarajus.

All times mentioned are Pacific times.