Saturday, August 28, 2004

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ideal Fox News Channel Schedule

Here's an idea for the perfect (or near-perfect) Fox News Channel lineup:

All Times are Pacific

(Okay, so it's a West Coast bias, so what?)

2:00 AM "Fox News Live First Edition" with Patti Ann Browne; Lauren Green would
handle headline updates and would be Patti Ann's backup.

3:00 AM "Fox and Friends" with Steve Doocy, E.D. Hill, and Brian Kilmeade; Lauren
Green would handle headlines from the "F&F" set instead of the newsroom
and Steve, E.D., and Brian would be seen the entire three hours---no more
rotating hosts. As with the Patti Ann Browne show, Lauren would be the
designated substitute when E.D. isn't there.

6:00 AM "Fox News Live" (with a stronger emphasis on hard news,
plus more field reports, fewer interviewers and no gossip)
Jon Scott: 6-7:30 AM
Uma Pemmaraju 7-9 AM
David Asman 8:30-10 AM
Jane Skinner would handle news headlines for five minutes twice each
hour (and would substitute for Uma in case of absence).
Weather updates from TRAINED meteorologists like Mish Michaels
or Cheryl Lemke.
Sorry, Brigitte Quinn and Janice Dean fans.

10:00 AM "DaySide with Linda Vester" minus the studio audience and "Stupid
Criminals" segment.

11:00 AM "Fox News Live" with Martha MacCallum and Rick Folbaum. Again, Janie
Skinner would handle news updates in studio twice each hour (and would
pinch-hit for Martha in case of absence).

12:00 Noon "Studio B with Shepard Smith;" Jane Skinner strikes again with one
more news update. She would also keep her "Skinnerville" segment
in which she and Shep would continue to chew the proverbial fat. Jane
and Rick Folbaum would be designated as Shep's backups in case Mr.
Smith is absent. This would take effect on both of Shep's shows.

1-8 PM Shows headlined by Neil Cavuto, John Gibson, Brit Hume, Shep
Smith, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes, and Greta
Van Susteren would remain intact with the execption that the
news updates last three minutes each and would be placed right
at the top and bottom of each hour.

8:00 PM I would start a gradual phaseout of the overnight reruns. For this hour
I would place a sports news show with scores and highlights of all
the day's and night's action. I would hire New York cultural icon
Warner Wolf to be that show's anchorman. "Let's go to the
videotape!" There would be two three-minute news updates with
Carol Iovanna and/or David Folk Thomas.

9:00 PM A nighttime version of "Fox News Live" that is more tailor-made for
us West Coast viewers. Perhaps hire someone like Bernard Goldberg
to be the show's anchorman. Perhaps bring in Donna Fiducia or Carol
Iovanna as his co-pilot. There would be two five minute news updates
for each of the two hours.

11PM-2 AM Repeats of the night's "O'Reilly Factor," "Hannity & Colmes," and
"On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" would be relegated to this
three hour period. Eventually, they would be replaced by a one-hour
sports news show from Los Angeles (Chris Meyers and/or Jeanne
Zalasko, perhaps?) followed by a two-hour live feed of Sky News from
London. Live headline updates would continue.


2:00 AM "Fox News Live First Saturday Edition" with someone like maybe
Rebecca Gomez? This would be a two-hour show.

4:00 AM "Fox and Friends Weekend" with Bill McCuddy, Alysin Camerota, and
Julian Phillips." Dari Alexander would handle headlines in studio and
would be Alysin's backup.
Sorry, Mike Jarrick and Juliet Huddy fans.

7:00 AM The two-hour business news block remains intact.

9:00 AM "Weekend Live" with Tony Snow.

11:00 AM "Fox News Live" with:
Dari Alexander 11AM-12:30 PM
Bob Sellers 12 Noon-1:30 PM
Carol Iovanna 1-2:30 PM
Gregg Jarrett 1:30-3 PM

3-4 PM "The Beltway Boys" and "Fox News Watch" would remain intact.

4:00 PM "The Fox Report" Saturday edition with Rick Folbaum

5-8 PM Shows headlined by John Kasich, Rita Cosby, and Geraldo Rivera
remain intact.

8:00 PM "After Hours with Cal Thomas" expands to one hour.

9:00 PM Saturday night sports news show with news updates.

10:00 PM Saturday late night edition of "Fox News Live," maybe with
David Folk Thomas?

11 PM-2 AM Reruns of "Heartland with John Kasich," "Beltway Boys," "Fox News
Watch," and "After Hours with Cal Thomas." These repeats would
eventually be replaced by a Los Angeles-based sports news show
followed by Sky News feed from London. Live headline update would


2:00 AM "Fox News Live First Sunday Edition" with Greg Kelly in Washington.

4:00 AM "Fox News Live Weekend Edition" with Bill McCuddy, Alysin
Camerota, and Julian Phillips, with Donna Fiducia handling
headlines (and filling in for Alysin).
Sorry, Mike Jarrick, Juliet Huddy, and Kiran Chetry fans.

7:00 AM "Fox News Live" with:
Donna Fiducia 7-8:30 AM
Eric Shawn 7:30-9 AM

9:00 AM "Weekend Live" with Brian Wilson in Washington.

11:00 AM "Fox News Live" with:
Dari Alexander 11 AM-12:30 PM
Gregg Jarrett 11: 30 AM-1 PM
Rebecca Gomez 1-2 PM

2:00 PM Replay of "Fox News Sunday" from the Fox broadcast network.

3:00 PM "Fox News Live" with Rita Cosby.

4:00 PM "Fox News Live" Weekend Report with Laurie Dhue.

5:00 PM "War Stories" with Oliver North.

6:00 PM "Sunday Best" with Jane Skinner. "Breaking Point" specials would
air once a month at this time spot.

7:00 PM "At Large with Geraldo Rivera."

8:00 PM "Fox Magazine" with Laurie Dhue.

9:00 PM Sunday night sports news show from New York and/or Los Angeles

10:00 PM Sunday late night edition of "Fox News Live."

11 PM-2 AM Late night sports news show from Los Angeles or Seattle followed
by repeats of "War Stories with Oliver North" and "Sunday Best"
(or "Breaking Point" special). These would eventually replaced by
Sky News feed from London. Live headline updates each half-hour

Any questions or comments?

Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Convention Coverage

My thinking is that the Fox News Channel will use the same coverage approach to the forthcoming Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York City (August 30-September 2) that they used for the Democratic National Convention recently held at the Fleetcenter in Boston.