Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Elvis, Scotty, and Bill: Together Again

Guitarist Scotty Moore, the last surviving member of the 1950s rockabilly trio which included bassist Bill Black and singer-guitarist Elvis Presley, passed away on Tuesday at Nashville at age 84.

Mr. Moore and Mr. Black backed up Mr. Presley on Elvis' Sun Records recordings in Memphis including "That's All Right," "Blue Moon of Kentucky."

The records were produced by Sun Records founder Sam Phillips.

While Elvis would go on to become the undisputed king of Rock 'n' Roll, Mr. Black would go on to lead a successful combo which recorded a number of early-1960s hits (such as "Smokie, Part II) before Bill himself passed away in 1965.

Elvis, of course, passed away in 1977.

Bill, Scotty, and drummer DJ Fontana, who joined the combo in 1955 (and is now the only surviving member of the quartet), worked on Elvis' TV appearances and early movies.

Scotty was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.

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